About the Company

With Gear Up Adventures Inc, we focus on providing genuine, authentic and local experiences for jet setters. Having been born and raised in Chile, we have spent years exploring offbeat areas and making connections with locals in different fields to be able to truly customize your trip as a one of a kind. 

We have been responsible for the successful and safe delivery of over 300 activities a year since 2005.  Activities range from day hikes that last a couple of hours, to multi-vehicle (bike, hike, canoe, etc.) expeditions that last weeks. Safety is always the primary concern. I review emergency evacuation plans, coordinating instructions, consider risk management, oversee personnel, and manage financial and material resources, as part of my day-to-day job. It is imperative that all logistical coordination is error-free.

Let us be your guide, translator, barterer, running partner, concierge, and friend as you experience Chile in its true and local sense.

People are at the centre of what we do. Whether it's people going on trips or people we are connecting you with, and or the people that make those memorable experiences. We really strive to establish a comfortable and genuine feel to all your interactions with us. 

Experience dinner prepared at a Chilean family's home and watch the sunset from a true local spot. Avoid the tourists and see Chile the way the way it's meant to be explored.